Basic Tools To Program PIC


Serial PIC Programmer

This circuit is a simple serial JDM PIC programmer.


How it looks like on a bread board.


PIC Programmer Software

This is a free PIC programmer software : It can program a lot of micro devices.

Using IC-PROG in Windows 7

I have faced a compatiblity problem while using IC-PROG in Windows 7. If you have some troubles with IC-PROG in Windows 7 try the steps below :

1) Run compatibility mode for Windows XP :

- Run Right click on icprog.exe.

- Select properties.

- Select Compatibility Tab.

- Configure it as the picture below.


2) Use Windows API interface in IC-PROG :

- Select Hardware from Settings menu.

- Select Windows API from Interface part.

- Set I/O Delay 25 (or more).


PIC Assembly Compiler

To compile assembly codes, you can use Microchip’s free assembler tool MPASM. MPASM comes with MPLAB IDE tool.

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